Saturday 19 February 2011

IMPORTANT: to users of Internet Explorer

Hello everyone. Some of you may have experienced problems with clicking on some of the photos on my blog today in order to enlarge them. You may have received a very scary security alert stating that this site had been reported as unsafe and that you were advised not to continue with the site. I have spent many hours researching this problem, found it occurring on other blogs as well. It seems it is a problem for Internet Explorer users only and concerns photos that are stored on a particular server of Blogger's. I have edited the HTML code for those pictures on my blog that I know are affected so you should be able to enlarge them now without being frightened out of your wits, but if it happens with other pics please let me know. I can't say this won't happen again to one of Blogger's other servers, but let me reassure you THAT THERE IS NO SECURITY THREAT ON THIS BLOG.

This won't have affected anyone using other browsers. Sorry if anyone was concerned.



chrissy xx said...

Hi Carole
Not had any trouble myself! but thank you for letting us know about this.
p.s. Don't seem to be able to upload your 'Another Christmas Card' though???

Valerie-Jael said...

This happened to me yesterday, too, so I had to take an image off, and then upload it again, and it was fine....but it is scary when that red warning pops up!

Carole of Brum said...

Hi girls. Valerie, reloading the photo will only work if it gets stored in one of the other 3 servers that Blogger has, if it gets put into the one called 4.bp it will still show the alert. Only thing is to edit the HTML to change the server it's stored in.

Chrissy, when I was editing the HTML for a photo stored in Another Christmas Card, for some reason it re-published the post as a new one!! Only way I could stop it showing as a new post was to delete it, that's why you can't see it now.

I hope Blogger and Microsoft can work together to stop this problem, horrible to be told your site has been reported as unsafe!

CoB x

jeanie g said...

That's awful Carole. Hope you don't have any more problems like this. You are brilliant being able to sort it all out, I couldn't!!