Sunday, 6 March 2011

Blog awards

At last I've got a chance to post about some recent blog awards that have come my way. First the Stylish Blogger award which the lovely Mel, Jennie and Chrissie have all passed on to me. And secondly, Alex, to whom I owe my love of Copics, has award me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you to all you girls, it's much appreciated.

For this award, I have to say 7 things about myself and pass it on to 15 other blogs. Well, I just happen to have 15 teamies at Dream Valley, so I'll pass this onto all of them.
I've received the Stylish Blogger award a couple of times already and passed it on to a bunch of blogs, so I won't pass it on again, if no-one minds.

So another 7 facts? I'm not sure there are that many things to say about myself!
1. I cannot and WILL NOT eat prawns, I just can't put one in my mouth.....yuk! Although in a spirit of adventure I did once lick one.
2. While I sit in bed blogging on the laptop, I listen to Spotify on headphones. My playlist right now includes Elbow, The Seahorses, Smashmouth, Boston, Caro Emmerald, Eminem and Barbara Dickson. Yes, Eminem and Barbara Dickson on the same playlist! lol.
3. My new favourite TV programme is C4's comedy, Friday Night Dinners....the father is hilarious and the programme captures the silliness of family life perfectly.
4. There was once 2 firemen in my bedroom! No, they weren't strippagrams, they were there with a lady firefighter too because of an incident with a leaking water pipe and a smoke alarm, but I do enjoy telling people I had 2 firemen in my bedroom.  I don't tell them that on another occasion there was a fireman in my living room cos then it just sounds like I lure them to my home, ha ha.
5. I believe I'm a better person since crafting.
6. I sing in the shower :)
7. I can count up to 100 in Welsh and sing the Welsh National Anthem, although it makes me cry (the national anthem, not the counting).

So, these are the 15 I'm passing on to:

Carrie of Paper Glitter Stamps
Fiona of Fi's Cards and Crafts
Jack of Jacks Arty Crafty Kreations
Jennie of Jennie's Crafty Things
Kendra Crafts and Cravings
Khristen of Khristen's Craft Room
Lin of Twisted Witch Designs
Lynne of Ruby-dooby-doo's Stampin Spot
Mags of Madcap Manor
Mary of Woman of Many Thoughts
Mel of melsanford29
Melly of Mel's Craft Room
Sandra of Sandy C's Craft Creations
Sarah of Sarah's Craft Stuff
Susie of Crafty SusieLou

If you check out their blogs, you'll see why they all deserve this award.

Happy blogging

Carole x


Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Awe thanks sweet p :) I will be pretty busy the next couple of days but as soon as I get a chance I'll post about this! Love your card this week. And the cute paper lace. I'm loving that look and I might. Just have to use ity next time ;)

Jennie said...

Awww thank you Carole :D
Send those firemen my way hehe ;)

Oh btw good choice in music <3 Elbow


Lynne in NI said...

hee hee ... LOVE your fireman story!
Thanks for passing this to me!

Carrie's Corner said...

Thank you Carole!! Too funny about the fireman and I'm totally with you on the prawns. I wouldn't even lick one. Ick!

melsanford said...

Oh, you're so sweet! Thankyou! Ha... I can't do prawns either - bleurgh! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx